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For businesses that want to build their online presence, optimizing their website should be on top of the marketing strategies. Search Engine Optimization helps businesses/brands build a strong online presence on all devices.

Our 6-phase SEO Process

Phase 1


In order to craft the best solution, we make sure to understand your business and how it works. We take time in understanding your products/services, unique selling points and goals. We gather relevant data from local and international competitors and use that to get ready for the next phase.

Phase 2

SEO Audit

We conduct an in-depth SEO audit to your website, competitors and market competition. We will also provide technical audit to ensure that the search engines are able to locate, crawl and index your website for maximum search visibility. Based on the audit, our SEO specialists will craft a custom SEO strategy for your website to achieve your goals.

Phase 3


In this phase, we conduct thorough keyword research in order to get the right search terms by analyzing the volume, competition, and value to your business. We also make sure to do research about your top competitors and outline a strategy on how can we possibly outrank them.

Phase 4


We are skilled with a wide range of highly effective on-page optimization techniques. Our on-page SEO strategy includes creation of meta title tags, meta descriptions, website loading speed, broken links, URL structure, headings and more.

Phase 5


Your strong visibility across the world wide wide is the key to rank in different search engines. We offer highly effective off-page SEO strategies which includes quality link building, business profile listings, social bookmarking, pinging, media sharing and more.

Phase 6


Web Prime Digital Solutions is always transparent with clients. With this in mind, we regularly provide reports detailing the website analytics, keyword ranking, conversions, link building status and more. This is to make sure that the performance of the SEO campaign is being tracked properly.

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